Creating ASP.NET Core Application with Docker Support

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Containerize ASP.NET Core Applications with Docker and Azure Kubernetes Services

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Cross-Platform IoT Programming with .NET Core 3.0

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Send A Patch To Someone Using `git format-patch`

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IS 7.5 – How to enable IIS Configuration Auditing?

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Image Classification: Face Detection and Identification using Azure Face API Cognitive Service

How to install Certbot plugins?

First run

To find out where certbot is installed to. Or command -v certbot if you prefer.

Then run head /usr/bin/certbot and note what version of Python it’s using:

In my case, it was using Python 3.

I noticed from my pip output it was trying to install a Python 2.7 package:

So how do we get pip to install Python 3 packages instead? Just copy the instructions from here:

Now you should have the pip3 command, so run this instead:

And now try again:

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Jonathan Blow – Preventing the Collapse of Civilization (English only)

Windows on Linode

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