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FreeNAS and Couchpotato

A good guide is available here: Freenas 9.2.0 with Transmission and Couchpotato/Sickbeard as a DLNA-Server

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[How-To] Transmission & FreeNAS Shared Mount Points

There is a great tutorial on how to set up FreeNAS with Transmission on the FreeNAS forums: [How-To] Transmission & FreeNAS Shared Mount Points

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FreeNAS – Setting up ZFS

I always was curious about ZFS but haven’t played with it until very recently. I thought it was too complicated and I was afraid it will use up too much space because of the snapshots capability. Few days ago I

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FreeNAS 8 Series

This is a collection of posts related to FreeNAS 8 (ver 8.2 BETA 3). I am just capturing my experience and would be glad if it is helpful for anyone else. * Installing FreeNAS to USB stick (new and simpler

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FreeNAS – Windows (CIFS) Shares on ZFS

In the previous article we talked about Setting up ZFS. Here we are going to create a Windows (CIFS) share that will be accessible on the local network and will demostrate how to use the ZFS snapshots to restore lost

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FreeNAS – Initial configuration

This article is about configuring FreeNAS (v. 8.2 BETA 3). If you haven’t yet installed FreeNAS have a look at Installing FreeNAS to USB stick first. We will assume that FreeNAS was installed and running on a remote computer with

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Installing FreeNAS to USB stick (new and simpler way)

This is the current article that describes the simplest way of installing FreeNAS on USB stick in Windows without burning installation CD first. There is an old post about installing FreeNAS on USB stick which is available here but it

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How to install FreeNAS to USB stick

Note: This post is more than an year old. You can still use it to install FreeNAS on USB but I strongly recommend you to read the new one first which is much simpler: Installing FreeNAS to USB stick (new

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Configure FreeNAS iSCSI and VMWare ESXi (w/AUDIO!)

This is a very useful video that describes how to configure FreeNAS iSCSI as a data store for ESXi. The credits go to mrholverson A copy of this video is available

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