Microsoft Azure Blog

  • March 2019 changes to Azure Monitor Availability Testing March 19, 2019
    Azure Monitor Availability Testing allows you to monitor the availability and responsiveness of any HTTP or HTTPS endpoint that is accessible from the public internet. You don't have to add anything to the web site you're testing.
    Morgan Grobin
  • Securely monitoring your Azure Database for PostgreSQL Query Store March 19, 2019
    A few months ago, I shared best practices for alerting on metrics with Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Though I was able to cover how to monitor certain key metrics on Azure Database for PostgreSQL, I did not cover how to monitor and alert on the performance of queries that your application is heavily relying on
    Harini Gupta
  • Reducing security alert fatigue using machine learning in Azure Sentinel March 19, 2019
    Last week we launched Azure Sentinel, a cloud native SIEM tool. Machine learning (ML) in Azure Sentinel is built-in right from the beginning. We have thoughtfully designed the system with ML innovations aimed to make security analysts, security data scientists, and engineers productive.
    Ram Shankar Siva Kumar
  • Microsoft and NVIDIA extend video analytics to the intelligent edge March 18, 2019
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are becoming more intelligent and sophisticated every day, allowing IoT devices like cameras to bridge the physical and digital worlds.
    Emmanuel Bertrand
  • Azure Machine Learning service now supports NVIDIA’s RAPIDS March 18, 2019
    Azure Machine Learning service is the first major cloud ML service to support NVIDIA’s RAPIDS, a suite of software libraries for accelerating traditional machine learning pipelines with NVIDIA GPUs.
    Kaarthik Sivashanmugam