HTC Wildfire S

Today I bought HTC Wildfire S – my first Android phone. It is just 149.99 CAD from Virgin Mobile with a pre-paid plan. I chose a smart phone plan for $40. I paid under 200 CAD for the phone, the plan and any taxes.

It is locked to Virgin Mobile network but you can unlock it and can use it with any provider. At first I tried I paid $13.49 USD. Shortly got an email telling me they could not find the unlock code for my phone and that they have to do a “Deep Search” asking for additional $14.99 USD. I did not like it and requested refund. Next I tried another site – This time I paid $25 USD and 8 minutes later I got an email with the unlock code. It worked and now I have really nice compact android phone that works with all providers.

Find out more about the phone below:

HTC Wildfire S Specifications

Here is the user manual:

Wildfire S User Manual