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24 questions to ask recruiters

The credits go to 24 Questions Can you send me the job description? What are the three key factors to success in the role? What can you tell me about the client’s business? Why has the client decided to

How-To: OpenVPN – selective Routing and Killswitch on Asus with Merlin WRT

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Ring Video Doorbell Smart MONITOR. Can you make a smart monitor and PHOTO FRAME for under £50?

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Creating ASP.NET Core Application with Docker Support

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Containerize ASP.NET Core Applications with Docker and Azure Kubernetes Services

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Cross-Platform IoT Programming with .NET Core 3.0

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Send A Patch To Someone Using `git format-patch`

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IS 7.5 – How to enable IIS Configuration Auditing?

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Image Classification: Face Detection and Identification using Azure Face API Cognitive Service