IMPASSA Self-Contained 2-Way Wireless Security System (model SCW9057)

This wireless security system is widely used by ADT and companies providing security.

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DSC IMPASSA 2 Way Wireless Security System

How to Change Master and User Code on DSC Powerseries

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Default master/installer code

The default code is 1234 or 5555.

It might be changed on your system and if you make few wrong attempts the keyboard will be locked temporarily.

How to reset to factory settings

If you do not have the master code or installer code you are limited in what you can do with the system.

You can do a factory reset and will be able to set your own master code.

NOTE: If you do a factory reset all settings will be lost including any zones, sensor information, etc.

To do a factory reset do the following:

  • turn the AC power off (unplug the transformer)
  • open the front panel (check the user manual on how to do it) and disconnect the battery pack
  • connect IO1 and IO2 with a wire
  • Power the device with AC only. Keep it power for 10 to 20 seconds
  • Power off the device
  • remove the wire between IO1 and IO2
  • connect the battery
  • Turn the AC power on

Now you device is factory reset. You need to configure everything including set the date and time.

The default master/installer code is 1234


If you have the master/installer code you can do things like

  • adding a new user code for a family member or the cleaning lady
  • adding new sensors
  • programming new wireless remote

Add new user

[*][5] [1][2][3][4]  [<][>]     [*]               [9][7][1][3]     [#]
       master code   select user      to access code    new user code    exit

Delete user

[*][5] [1][2][3][4]  [<][>]     [*]               [*]      [#]
       master code   select user      to access code    delete   exit

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