How to Uninstall Programs Using Command Prompt

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The traditional way of uninstalling a program on windows is by opening the system’s Control Panel and head on to the Programs and Features section. That is the usual procedure on early versions of Windows (XP, Vista & 7), while the versions (8 & 10) gives an easy way on navigating the Control Panel by right clicking the program on startup and click “Uninstall” option on the context menu.

Image by – www.freepik.comHowever, there are some other ways on getting rid of a program on windows, one of which is by using the Windows Management Instrumentation Command line (WMIC) tool through system’s command prompt. With simple command lines, you can remove some programs easily without accessing the Control Panel. 
Note that this procedure only works on programs that recognized as MSI-Based Applications (programs that was installed using Windows Installer). Some applications does not register on WMI default registry location upon installing, hence, wmic won’t be able to pull off all programs installed in your system when running the query. 
Moving on, here’s how to uninstall programs using command prompt in windows.

1. Open command prompt as administrator

2. Type wmic and press Enter, you will see a prompt wmic:root\cli>

3. Type product get name and press Enter. You will be prompted a list of MSI-Based programs installed on your computer. 

4. Type in product where name=”name of program” call uninstall and press Enter.

5. Type Y to confirm uninstalling the program, and then hit Enter.

Once the uninstalling is successful, you will be prompted a return value of 0. However, if you get the error No Instance(s) Available, it means that the program you are trying to uninstall is not recognized as MSI-based application or there‚Äôs no such product installed on your system. Be sure to double check your inputs if you have typed the program/product name accurately.