Month: December 2014

Migrating Your Ubuntu Machine to a SSD Drive

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Re-map keyboard keys

Many computer keyboards have an Fn key. It allows adding a second function to an existing key. An example is the F11 key. In combination with the Fn key it acts as a Volume Down: Fn + F11 = Volume

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Disable autologin in Ubuntu

After installing Ubuntu on a stick the system will let you in without asking for a password. What happens is that the display manager LightDM will auto-login the built-in ubuntu user. While for many people it may seems convenient and

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Microsoft Entity Framework – Training Videos

Get Entity Framework This is a selection of videos about Entity Framework. Entity Framework 5.0 – Intro to Model First – Part 1 of 2 Entity Framework 5.0 – Intro to Model First – Part 2 of 2 Entity Framework

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OpenVPN client in Ubuntu

I wanted to connect to an OpenVPN server from my Ubuntu on a stick. There are different clients but the one I liked was the Linux Network-Manager GUI for OpenVPN. To install it you need to enable the Universe repository

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