Month: November 2010

Search inside files under Windows

Do you know how to search for a piece of text inside multiple files in Windows. I do not – not anymore. Earlier versions of Windows had this feature but I cannot figure out how to do it in Windows

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Support Wikipedia

I was looking for some information online today and ended up reading an article in Wikipedia about that matter. It is so nice to have a free encyclopedia where you can go and find the information you need. I made

Test your speakers with these sounds

Recently I was looking to buy a good computer speakers and was wondering how to test the sound. Then I found these: Bassotronics – Bass, I Love You [audio:] The Science Of Sound (Low Frequency Audio Test) [audio:] Trial of

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Configure FreeNAS iSCSI and VMWare ESXi (w/AUDIO!)

This is a very useful video that describes how to configure FreeNAS iSCSI as a data store for ESXi. The credits go to mrholverson A copy of this video is available

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